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BTS as husbands


Jin: hey honey i made you breakfast now wake the fuck up

Rapmonster: i have to work I’ll do a mixtape for ya honey

SUGA: *snores* *wakes up cranky* *looks at you* yea we had fun last night

JHope: come here cuddle with me AAAAHJSFJKDJFLK

Jimin: *waits for you on the sofa* hey bake me cookies ~ 

V: *scares the shit out of you* I LOVE YOU

Jungkook: yea nice outfit but i can wear it better lol jk make out with me

OMG this is literally THE BEST thing I’ve read all day. I just about crapped my pants laughing so hard xD

You are so fucking cute and you have made me such a happy person and gosh you're cute and wow this is creepy but you have made me feel like the luckiest person in the world. Thank you so much.

Uhhhhhh I don’t know if this is a joke or not haha because random people usually don’t say super nice things like that to me o.o

…nor do people I know ㅠㅠ

But if it isnt then asdfghjkjhgfdsa I LURVE YEW TOO haha it’s always nice to recieve random love ^^



so I can prove to my friend -
please reblog this if you’ve ever watched more than five hours straight of a single television series. she thinks I’m insane.


hello darkness my old friend…

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even being on my dash pisses me off nowadays because i disagree with half the people i follow but

i’ve been following them for months and i don’t wanna unfollow them just bc our opinions are different and they are really great people?????

but then again it’s so hard reading what they say and not get irked???

i am conflicted sighs!?@@!?

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